Thursday, October 19, 2006

Brad Blog COMMENT on 10/19/2006 @ 7:11 am PT...

The Democrats and Republicans are the same in one respect - that speaks directly to your dilemma regarding the silence (complacency / complicity) of Democrats.

Only men of low moral character are allowed through the AIPAC filter into the political arena. This virtually assures that they will be suseptible to bribery, blackmail, or both.

Sexpionage is a tool of Israel. They use it to control the political agenda in the United States.

The Bush Crime Family controls the CIA - still flying loads ok coke and heroine into Florida aboard Gulfstreanm jets every day. Why did the administration stand by impotently while Israel committed genocide in Lebanon?

Israel's Comverse owns the best wiretapping system in America, and can blackmail anyone they choose at will. That's how they control EVERYTHING. They have the evidence of Cheney's complicity with Mossad relative to 9/11. Bush 41 is the king pin, and is totally being blackmailed.

They recorded Bill Clinton having phone sex with their "swallow" Monica - and the next thing you know, Clinton reverses his policy on Gaza and pardons Marc Rich upon his exit.

This isn't rocket science - this is B L A C K M A I L. Cross them and wind up dead. Ask Chandra Levy. Put Lieberman and Chertoff under oath and let's get to the bottom of this.