Saturday, October 07, 2006

As Conover points out, the dread list of "conspiracy nuts" includes not only such usual suspects as Mike Ruppert of CopVCia website notoriety, but also the newest "arch conspiracist," Georgia Representative Cynthia McKinney, who had the temerity to call for an investigation into what the Bush administration knew before the attacks and the connection of Bush and the Carlyle Group, one of the largest corporations which is profiting handsomely from the "war on terrorism." Ms. Conover ends her thoughtful essay with a salient question: "So how do we explain this behavior of the lily-livered left? If the Ivory Tower gentlemen are leaving it to us in the trenches to get to the truth, because they won't dirty their hands to help us collect the bits and pieces to connect the dots, why then are they so ferociously attacking our efforts? Are they currying favor with someone? Is it time for us to start following the money?" Yes, indeed it's time we started following the money to explain the gutlessness of the establishment "liberals" and also to follow the money in the entire 9/11 phenomenon to see who profits from this catastrophe and how.