Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yes Jim, its 2007, and we still love getting pushed around.

Happy new year to pdx 9/11 truth love Mr.Met

Friday, December 15, 2006

What is safe, certain and correct to say re events of 9/11 The crashing of a Boeing passenger jet was not responsible for collapse nor full-scale demolition of any building in the world on or about September 11th 2001. It does not matter what, if anything, struck a lateral blow to either of the twin towers. That is not and could not have been the cause for their freefall into their own footprints on that or any other day. World Trade Center Seven was not hit by anything. Tiny fires of questionable provenance in a few isolated areas of that building--which had been brought under control well before 5pm collapse--had nothing to do with the classic controlled demolition implosion, where explosives had clearly been staged with intricate care at many strategic points in the building at least weeks before 9/11. It does not matter what, if any, airborne vessel struck the Pentagon. The blindingly obvious military stand down (or worse) on the most heavily fortified building on this planet could not have been anything but intentional and very premeditated indeed. Is a smallish military drone a plane? Were they actual, regular, ordinarily equipped passenger jets flown off officially specified course that made lateral contact with two epic high-rise towers (WTC 1 and 2) and a lumbering monstrous bunker of a mid rise (the Pentagon)? It does not matter. I think it is a waste of time speculating on the exact nature of possible exotic and unfamiliar-to-the-public technologies that might or might not have played some kind of minor role in the surface appearance of the public spectacle. And I think it is a ridiculous waste of time complaining about people who conjecture on facts not particularly clearly in evidence (the hologrammists, space wavers, "no-planers" etc). We don't need to know exactly how the deed was done. It does not matter exactly what mechanical means were used. The deed was an attack on the United States by covert criminal elements within the US governing elite supported by its client media with clear intent to provoke a whole new paradigm of permanent, global, imperial war ... ... and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS; period. --GlenOwen--