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Move Over Rush Limbaugh Kevin Barrett A Conservative Talk Show Host? Kevin Barrett, that “radcal libral” inundated with angry emails from illiterate conservatives, has made an odd career choice. He is trying his luck as a conservative talk show host. Barrett has already been hired by two conservative Christian radio networks, Genesis Communications Network and Republic Broadcasting Network. In his first show on RBN, Barrett slammed author and cybercolumnist John Kaminski for his anti-Semitic statements, while his second featured an interview with Dr. Eric Larsen, author of A Nation Gone Blind. His third show included a stunning interview with 9/11 hero and truth-teller William Rodriguez (see below). Barrett’s inaugural shows on GCN’s “The Dynamic Duo with Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett” will offer interviews with Brother Raymond of Beit Shalom Ministries (11/20/06) who will soon begin a walk for peace and 9/11 truth from Denver to Washington, D.C.; and Les Jamieson of NY911truth.org (11/24/06). What is Barrett, a “radcal libral Muslim truth jihadi” doing with a show called Truth Jihad Radio on a conservative Christian radio network? And why is he using the music of John Lennon, that liberal icon who sang “imagine no religion” as the show’s theme music? “Being a conservative means wanting to conserve the highest ideals of our forebears, wanting to conserve what’s good from the past,” Barrett explained. “Real conservatives want to conserve authentic religious traditions. They want to conserve our liberties, and the notion of limited government, as set forth in the US Constitution. They want to conserve our beautiful planet from the ‘creative destruction’ of ever-escalating warfare, cancerous pseudo-growth, and IMF globalist tyranny. The so-called neoconservatives, who preach the Orwellian doctrines of Leo Straus—big government through big lies and endless war—are not conservatives at all, but radical Trotskyites who have adopted ‘conservatism’ to disguise their evil, un-American philosophy and their tyrannical, genocidal actions. We need to annihilate the neocons by any means necessary—and since most ‘liberals’ are brainwashed wimps who think big government is their friend, it is real conservatives are going to lead the charge.” But John Lennon? “Malcolm X is my main American hero,” Barrett explained, “but Lennon isn’t far behind. Sure, he didn’t like or even understand religion. But he was a brave, creative truth-teller who stood up against the genocidal Vietnam war, and he was persecuted and killed for telling the truth. His anthem ‘Give Me Some Truth’ should not only be the theme song of the 9/11 truth movement, it should be America’s national anthem. And, God willing, it will be, after the 9/11 truth revolution.” With ideas like these, Barrett may not become the next Rush Limbaugh. But he could become one of the most interesting, iconoclastic voices in American talk radio. * * * Truth Jihad Radio’s debut William Rodriguez Interview 11/18/06 Barrett’s new RBN show Truth Jihad Radio features an interview with 9/11 hero William Rodriguez (the show is archived athttp://www.rbnlive.com/archiveindex.html). Rodriguez, the WTC janitor who singlehandledly rescued fifteen people, including those injured by the massive bomb that exploded in the North Tower sub-basement before the plane hit, and who indirectly saved hundreds more by opening exit doors to the stairwell with the only available key, is THE greatest 9/11 hero in the world media as well as America’s Hispanic and cyber media. But after braving implied death threats and persisting in telling the truth about the bombs that brought down the WTC—including the many explosions he personally witnessed, which began before the plane hit—Rodriguez has been abandoned by the US government and blacked out of the corporate monopoly media. (The contention by Rodriguez and dozens of other witnesses that the bombs began exploding before the plane hit has been confirmed by seismographic evidence: See “Seismic Proof: 9/11 Was an Inside Job” at the Scholars for 9/11 Truth website.) William Rodriguez’s story is not just compelling, it us utterly amazing. Had he not shown up for work late on 9/11, he and the hundreds of people he saved would be dead, because he would have been at the top of the North Tower, instead of in the basement, when the attack began. That such a handsome, articulate, courageous janitor happened to be in the right place at the right time, with the only available master key that allowed hundreds to escape certain death, is either a stunning coincidence or proof of God’s existence. Since 9/11, William Rodriguez has become the most prominent full-time advocate for the victims of 9/11—not just those who lost their lives on 9/11, but the tens of thousands who have been sickened or killed by the toxic WTC dust that the government told us was perfectly safe to breathe. Please support his ongoing heroism and check out his excellent video, available from his website, http://www.911keymaster.com

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WayneMadsenReport--guest column--November 17/18/19 2006


Part 1: The Foreign Agent Factor
By Sibel Edmonds

In his farewell address in 1796, George Washington warned that America must be constantly awake against “the insidious wiles of foreign influence…since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.”

Today, foreign influence, that most baneful foe of our republican government, has its tentacles entrenched in almost all major decision making and policy producing bodies of the U.S. government machine. It does so not secretly, since its self-serving activities are advocated and legitimized by highly positioned parties that reap the benefits that come in the form of financial gain and positions of power.

Foreign governments and foreign-owned private interests have long sought to influence U.S. public policy. Several have accomplished this goal; those who are able and willing to pay what it takes. Those who buy themselves a few strategic middlemen, commonly known as pimps, while in DC circles referred to as foreign registered agents and lobbyists, who facilitate and bring about desired transactions. These successful foreign entities have mastered the art of ‘covering all the bases’ when it comes to buying influence in Washington DC. They have the required recipe down pat: get yourself a few ‘Dime a Dozen Generals,’ bid high in the ‘former statesmen lobby auction’, and put in your pocket one or two ‘ex-congressmen turned lobbyists’ who know the ropes when it comes to pocketing a few dozen who still serve.

The most important facet of this influence to consider is what happens when the active and powerful foreign entities’ objectives are in direct conflict with our nation’s objectives and its interests and security; and when this is the case, who pays the ultimate price and how. There is no need for assumptions of hypothetical situations to answer these questions, since throughout recent history we have repeatedly faced the dire consequences of the hijacking of our foreign and domestic policies by these so-called foreign agents of foreign influence.

Let’s illustrate this with the most important recent case, the catastrophe endured by our people; the September Eleven terrorist attacks. Let’s observe how certain foreign interests, combined with their U.S. agents and benefactors, overrode the interests and security of the entire nation; how thousands of victims and their loved ones were kicked aside to serve the interests of a few; foreign influence and its agents.


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New World Order * Improbable Collapse Wed Nov 15, 2006 Flyby News Notes, Editor: Jonathan Mark info@flybynews.com http://altexperience.com/poemsb-newworldorder.htmNew World Order by Stone Bryson There is a group of people… across this planet wide, with greedy little fingers - and power on their mind, they do not care ‘bout sovereignty - the one-world is their goal, Liberty is their enemy… and their deity is Control. They march across the history books - possess an ageless plan, leading us toward dependency - to a woman and a man, their map to domination is as old as time itself, mixing ancient mysteries with technology off the shelf, Keeping us in darkness - their faces unrevealed, the shadows are their foxholes and secrecy is their shield, they manipulate behind the scenes - relentless without fear, a crescendo of disparity that builds from year to year. They provide us our distractions - engulf us day to day, preparing to enslave us, they slowly wear away a catalogue of liberties - and while freedoms wane and cease, they tell us that they’re doing it for security and for peace, They prey upon our apathy - in a plot you can’t untwist, policing how you think and feel… they tighten an iron fist, they terrorize the spirit of hope with fear and guilt and shame ‘til there’s nothing left of who you were but a ghost, a shell, a name. They rule from modern castles - elitist to the core, they think of you as mindless stock to serve them evermore, they’ll take away your firearms so you cannot self-defend, and tag you with an ID chip… to keep you in your pen. There is a group of people… across this planet wide, who are waiting for their moment - and time is on their side, the New World Order is the dream - and dominion is the gain, but they cannot reach this final goal… ‘til Liberty has been slain. 1) The Cheney-Gates Cabal - - Don’t Look for Much From the “Bipartisan” Iraq Study Group - - Ten Reasons Congress Must Investigate Bush Administration Crimes 2) "Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of our Republic" - - Sample letter-to-editor after Library-DVD-
donation 3) Climate Change Is as Serious as WMD: Annan - - White House Sued for Not Doing Report on Warming Editor's Notes: This issue begins with an article by Ray McGovern, “The Cheney-Gates Cabal” as a dose of reality with a Congress known for Iran-Contra-gate. While progressives continue to press for impeachment, scientists and patriotic citizens are looking at Ground Zero where hard evidence show explosives were used to bring down WTC buildings. Item 2 includes information on the film, "Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of our Republic." Following that is information on grassroots activism that includes getting such films to our libraries, community access TV stations, and then writing letters to editors of our local newspapers. Item 3 covers concern regarding Global Warming. "The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance" Thomas Jefferson ******************************************************************** For issue with articles and links, see: http://www.flybynews.com November 15, 2006 - New World Order * Improbable Collapse <http://www.flybynews.com/cgi-local/newspro/viewnews.cgi?newsid1163627604,10857,> *******************************************************************

Enforcers or Enablers: Will Democrats Become Part of the Problem?

Former Assistant Secretary of Treasury under Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts is a 9/11 Truther who sometimes tones down his views on 9/11 to get published in larger publications. But his analysis of the need for the Democratic congress to investigate 9/11 and to take other actions to save America from fascism is well worth reading.

"It only took six years for Americans to comprehend George Bush and the Republican Party and to realize that the Republicans were not leading America in any promising directions.

Exit polls and interviews with voters across the country by CNN political analyst Bill Schneider show that the November 2006 election was a vote against both Bush and the war in Iraq. Schneider reports that voters did not even know the name of the Democrats for whom they voted. Voters said: "I am going to vote Democrat, because I don't like Bush, I don't like the war. I want to make a statement."

I believe that voters recognized that the peril of one-party rule is that political accountability exists no where except at the ballot box. With the Republican built and programmed electronic voting machines, even accountability at the ballot box was disappearing.

Americans realized that they had made a serious mistake giving power to one party, and they rectified it.

With Republican control of the legislative branch ended, Pentagon Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was immediately swept from power. With the troops, generals, and the service newspapers calling for Rumsfeld's head, only the delusional warmonger, Vice President Richard Cheney, wanted to keep Rumsfeld in power.

It was a battle that Cheney lost. Cheney's defeat is an indication that reality has elbowed its way back into Republican consciousness, pushing hubris and delusion away from the control they have exercised over political power.

The lust for unbridled power proved to be too strong a temptation for normally cautious Republicans. The Republicans waved the flag and shouted "terrorist sympathizer" at every civil libertarian who attempted to defend the US Constitution, the separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, the Geneva Conventions' proscriptions against torture, and America's reputation from a nazified US Dept of Justice (sic) and a president who behaved--with the approval of Republicans--as if he were above the law. In violation of his oath of office, Bush used signing statements to negate laws passed by Congress, not with a veto, but with his personal opinion. Bush, thus, elevated himself above the rule of law that has protected America from becoming a tyranny and made a mockery of the separation of powers that are a foundation of American liberty.

Americans may not have understood this as clearly as the Founding Fathers did, but the people recognized, however dimly, a problem and exercised corrective action. The question now is: what will the Democrats do?

The Democrats clearly have no mandate for their pet issues of gun control, homosexual marriage, and higher taxes--especially at a time when the average American is deeper in personal debt than at any other time in history and jobs are being offshored at a rapid rate destroying the economic prospects of the American people.

After the years of illegal war and the overnight destruction of civil liberties that were 800 years in their creation, the United States stands at a watershed. If the legislation that has been put on the books permitting spying on Americans without a court warrant, legalizing torture and self-incrimination, and repealing habeas corpus and the right to an attorney remains on the books, the United States will be a police state regardless of which party is in power.

If the Democrats are to make a real difference, their first task is to repeal the Orwellian-named "Patriot Acts," the torture legislation, the detention without court evidence legislation, and the right-to-spy and invade privacy without court warrant legislation. The White House tyrant needs to be quickly told that one more "signing statement" and he will be impeached, convicted, and turned over to the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague.

The notion that Americans can be protected from "terror" by giving up the Bill of Rights is absurd. Democrats are complicit in this absurd notion. Many were intimidated into voting for police state legislation, because they lacked the intestinal fortitude to call police state legislation by its own name. The legislation that has been passed during the Bush regime is far more dangerous to Americans than Muslim terrorists.

Indeed, the prime cause of Muslim terrorism is the US interference in the internal affairs of Muslim countries and America's one-sided stance in favor of Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. When Jimmy Carter was president, his even-handed approach made the US respected throughout the Muslim world. 9/11, if it was actually an act of Muslim terrorism, was the direct consequence of US one-sided meddling in Middle Eastern affairs.

When, and only when, the Democrats have erased the Bush administration's police state legislation from the books, thus restoring the Constitution, they should clear the air on two other issues of major importance. The Democrats must convene a commission of independent experts to investigate 9/11. The 9/11 Commission Report has too many problems and shortcomings to be believable.

Recent polls show that 36 percent of the American people do not believe the report. Such a deficient report is unacceptable. 9/11 became the excuse for the neoconservative Bush regime to launch illegal wars of aggression in the Middle East. The 9/11 Commission Report is nothing but a public relations justification for the "war on terror," which in truth is a war on American liberty. As long as politicians with a police state mentality can cling to the cover of the 9/11 Commission Report, the Bill of Rights will remain endangered.

The other issue is the blatant corruption in the Bush regime's contract practices. So many contracts are tainted with their connections to Republican power brokers, including Vice President Richard Cheney, that the taxpayers are being fleeced on the level of the Grant administration. Indictments and long prison sentences are in order.

This leaves the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both are lost. Both invasions were illegal. Those responsible must be held accountable. The American prosecutors of the Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg emphasized, as Robert Jackson put it, that Germany's crime was not in losing the war but in starting it. Under the Nuremberg standard, to launch a war of aggression is a war crime. It is punishable with a death sentence.

As the wars are crimes, they must be stopped. Having overthrown a stable secular regime in Iraq, the US and its craven allies have no recourse but to accept that Iraq will break into three states: In the north the Kurds will unite with the Turkish Kurds, and Turkey will have to deal with the situation without US interference. In the south, the Shiites will have an Islamic regime similar to the government in Iran, with whom the Iraqi Shiites will be allied. The Sunnis will be isolated in the middle without any oil.

The US and Britain no longer have any role to play in the Middle East. As the King of Jordan predicted, there is now a Shiite crescent that runs from Iran through Iraq into Lebanon. This Shiite crescent is the most powerful force in the Middle East.

The Iraqi Sunnis can come to terms with Shiite power or be destroyed. The American puppet states of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the oil emirates are faced with the instability that comes from being allied with the "hegemonic" West against their own people. It is up to their own wits whether they can make the transformation.

The US has neither the resources, the finances, nor the credibility to intervene.

The Israelis have isolated themselves with their genocidal policies against the Palestinians. Intelligent Israelis are already sending their children out of the country. Israeli peace groups have thrown up their hands in the face of the persistent intransigence of the Israeli government and the disregard of common sense. It remains to be seen if the Israelis can learn to care about anyone but their own kind. Israel can save itself if its political leaders will stop pushing Palestinians off of their own land by destroying their homes and orchards and murdering their children, thus turning more Palestinians into refugees. It would be easy for the economically talented Israelis to pull the Palestinians into prosperity, thereby ending the conflict. Are Israelis capable of the humane leadership required to create a place for themselves in the Middle East or are they forever wed to Mao's dictum that "power comes out of the barrel of a gun"?

Republican rule in the 21st century has devastated American civil liberties and American prestige and leadership capability. Can Democrats restore American liberties and leadership, or will a lust for power corrupt them, too, and cause Democrats to retain the police state powers Bush has created?

If the Bush regime's police state legislation is still law in 2008, the Democrats will have failed.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions. He can be reached at: paulcraigroberts@yahoo.com"

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