Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ginny, Tarpley and Brains on a Plane

Also note new audio in column at right Meanwhile --- just got back from a trip in which I spent a lot of time in planes and airports but used the opportunity to read 9/11 Synthetic Terror by Webster Tarpley. On one flight I even gave out a disc and found a convert I think (turns out he was a lawyer who worked on the 2000 Gore recount in Florida though so it didn't take much convincing! :-0) I hope all of you will read it! --- What a fantastic analysis and historical context for understanding the current crisis. In some strange way it is helpful to learn how multi-generational this predicament is. That is --- we can trace the tentacles of the (modern version of this) cabal back to the Kennedy era. I think by shedding light on this history we can help draw in more senior citizens to better awareness, i.e., it's not "that was then this is now" but "that was then, and it's still here now." Anyway, Tarpley has an outstanding method for portraying the historical precedents, patterns, tricks and diversions of the secret government so I hope you will give it a good read. See you soon! ~Ginny ~