Thursday, September 14, 2006


Go to original. Wednesday, September 13, 2006 At the conclusion of CIA’s internal probe into the agency’s involvement into the 9/11 events, certain CIA agents began buying legal insurance. Now, many others are joining them. They should buy lots of insurance because they will need it. There is high anxiety at the agency these days where they believe that 9/11 prosecutions are imminent after their role in 9/11 becomes public. And in that, they are correct! As the U.S. government’s involvement in this black operation continues to unravel, the involvement of others in government such as the FBI and the military will become increasingly apparent. They should be shopping for legal insurance too. These rogue elements of super patriots in our government who participated in the murder and conspiracy events of 9/11, however, are not representative of most of the fine people who do work in government. Most who work in government would never contemplate such activities and find it hard to accept and reprehensible that others would have caused or facilitated the events of 9/11. The vast majority of government workers maintain a fidelity to the US Constitution, abide by the laws of our land, and exhibit a normal level of patriotism. The actions of the few should not contaminate the many others who continue to work diligently. The American People demand the appointment of a 9/11 special prosecutor now! This is the vital first step in coming to face the truth and eventually moving on with life. Once appointed, there will be a long and detailed investigation before the grand jury indictments are handed out. It is better to start now before the politicians get out of office in 2008. No one is exempt from following the laws of this land and the US Constitution and this includes the president, vice president and the secretary of defense. Members of congress, the newsmedia and the general public need to start pressuring the CIA now into completely revealing the results of their internal probe into the involvement by their personnel into the events of 9/11. Members of congress can officially request the information or subpoena it. The newsmedia and general public can use the Freedom of Information Act to get this information. Stalling is not an option and will only serve to incriminate the agency as a whole, not just the reprehensible few who may be involved in the conspiracy and murder of 9/11. Purging the agency of these bad apples will allow the agency to move on with the important work that they do on a daily basis, including protecting this country from real international terrorists. A rapid, truthful, and complete response by the CIA will go along way to resolving this matter favorably for the CIA. Those who participated in the 9/11 black operation need to contact federal prosecutors now before they get the knock on the door! Now may be their only opportunity to cut a deal with prosecutors that is favorable to their case. It is better to voluntarily come forward than to be on the receiving end. It is time to come clean. Read more here.