Saturday, August 19, 2006

FALSE FLAGS AND SPIES: Think like a criminal.

This post is from BRADBLOG (It's a must-read blog for election rescue efforts. There is a lot of fusion thinking there that helps put the rampant election fraud by the neo-cons in context. Electronic election fraud by big, GOP connected vendors is the basic tool of choice to accomplish the bloodless takeover of America in plain view of gullible Americans staring at it and chewing their cud with bovine incuriousity and concern.) This post is about some possible Lieberman connections surrounding the 9/11 crimes. Sorry for the length of this, but I wanted to capture it all in one place and read it over time. ~Ginny
Isn't it interesting that Lieberman's name pops up in the case of two similar-looking tarts, who were "Honey Pots" (or "Swallows" - the term used to describe women in the employ of Israel whose job is to compromise US Officials) for Israel's Mossad? Note that his article dated less than TWO MONTHS PRIOR TO 9/11. Police to return to parks in Levy case / Experts: Condit damaged own reputation July 22, 2001 Posted: 6:07 PM EDT (2207 GMT) Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Connecticut, said it wouldn't be productive to focus on Condit's conduct. In 1998, Lieberman was the first prominent Democrat to criticize Clinton for his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Lieberman said the two matters are different and he declined to say whether Condit should resign, as two Republican lawmakers have said. "The Chandra Levy case is a missing persons case. And I think we all ought to let the law-enforcement authorities focus on finding Chandra Levy and relieving the terrible trauma and nightmare that her family and friends have gone through," Lieberman told Fox News Sunday. "And when that is over, politicians can begin to speak out." Saturday, a spokeswoman for Vice President Dick Cheney, said Cheney met with Condit around the same time Levy was logging off her computer in her apartment May 1. Juleanna Glover Weiss said the meeting happened between 12:30 p.m. and 12:50 p.m. in Cheney's office in the House of Representatives. The meeting was "at Condit's request," she said, and included Cheney and some of Cheney's staff discussing the California energy crisis. CHENEY ORDERED THE HIT TO PROTECT THE 9/11 OPERATION? Israeli Sexpionage : The McGreevey, Condit and Clinton Affairs Chandra Levy and Monica Lewinsky, which I will discuss later, can be called "Swallows". All 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company Who provided protective coverage for 9/11 operation? General Hamid Gul, a former Director of Pakistani Intelligence hit the nail on the head with his analysis: "The attacks against New York and Washington were Israeli engineered." So who tipped off Zim? Who tipped off Odigo? Who tipped off those Pentagon officials? Who tipped off those Israeli workers in New York? I think it's safe to say it wasn't Osama Bin Laden. Scores dead in three Amman hotel bombings; Israelis evacuated before attack Explosions In London - Who Stands To Gain? Israel Warned, Cover-up In Progress Propaganda Matrix | July 7 2005 BREAKING: Scrambled cover-up to try and change prior knowledge story. Original reports stated that Binyamin Netanyahu was warned BEFORE the first blast, now all the Associated Press reports are being changed to say he was warned AFTER the first blast, for example this article. The article linked below that we saved in our own format (and the website that carried it has strangely since crashed) said that Netanyahu was warned before the first blast. Israel are now denying they got a warning. http://www.propagandamat...ly2005/070705standstogai LONDON SUBWAY BOMBINGS 2005 - "FALSE FLAG" TERROR? RECENT BOMBINGS IN EGYPT - "FALSE FLAG" TERROR? EGYPTIAN ANALYST: CAN'T RULE OUT THAT MOSSAD WAS INVOLVED IN ATTACK;506,L-3243397,00.html "The Mossad's ability to penetrate the Bedouins in Sinai is known," Salim said in an interview with al-Jazeera. (Roee Nahmias) General Allam, former deputy head of the Egyptian Domestic Security Agency says the group behind yesterday's deadly bombings in Dahab is not Arab Terrorists — it's Israel. AT LEAST 7 OF THE 9/11 HIJACKERS ARE STILL ALIVE WHO GAVE THE LIST OF "19 MUSLIM HIJACKERS" (PHONEY BY AT LEAST 7 NAMES) TO OUR FBI JUST DAYS AFTER 9/11? In the Scottish Sunday Herald, Nov, 2, 2003, Neil Mackay investigated… Excerpt only… "In August, 2001, the Israelis handed over a list of terrorist suspects - on it were the names of four of the September 11 hijackers." ON 9/11, CHENEY CONFUSED AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS AND NORAD BY RUNNING WAR GAMES DRILLS WITH MULTIPLE HIJACKED AIRLINERS - RUNNING AT SAME TIME AS THE REAL ATTACKS WITH HIJACKED AIRLINERS! http://www.prisonplanet....ber2004/080904wargamesco A number of people apparently knew to stay clear of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. Privileged Companies Another group of people that received warnings in advance of the attack were employees of Odigo, the instant messaging service. Two employees received e-mail messages two hours before the first World Trade Center assault, predicting the attack. 7 According to reporter Christopher Bollyn, Zim American Israeli Shipping Co. broke a lease in order to vacate the World Trade Center just days before the attack. Bollyn's source claims that Zim's lease extended through the end of the year and that the termination cost $50,000. Israeli Owned Odigo says workers were warned of attack / By Yuval Dror Odigo, the instant messaging service, says that two of its workers received messages two hours before the Twin Towers attack on September 11 predicting the attack would happen, and the company has been cooperating with Israeli and American law enforcement, including the FBI, in trying to find the original sender of the message predicting the attack. http://911research.wtc7....ept11/haaretz_odigo.html http://www.antichristcon...Pages/ABCNEWS_com_Were_I Now can you help me out with a plausible explanation for this: And this official DEA report: http://www.whatreallyhap...reportisraelispying.html The disinformation continues… Alleged spy's target 'not Israel' The "foreign nation" cited in espionage charges against a U.S. Navy sailor is "definitely not Israel," a Navy official said. The official told JTA on Wednesday that the country named in a charge recommended against Ariel Joseph Weinmann, a 3rd class petty officer, is not Israel. CNN named the country as Russia. The Navy concluded its investigation against Weinmann on July 26, and its Judge Advocate General is considering what, if any, of its recommended charges to bring against Weinmann, 21. The Navy concluded that Weinmann, who allegedly deserted in July 2005, attempted to sell sensitive information to a foreign nation. The maximum penalty is death. Once papers in Norfolk, Va., reported the case, which is being treated with unusual secrecy, Arab media reports and conspiracy theory blogs immediately speculated that the target nation was Israel, apparently because of Weinmann's name. Yes, of course, no clear minded individual could possibly deduce that someone named "Ariel Joseph Weinmann" might just be Jewish. You'd need to belong to some "conspiracy theory blog" to come up with that wacky conclusion. I watched the report on CNN - and when they said that RUSSIA was the country that "Ariel Weimann" was caught spying for - I laughed out loud - did a Google search - and found that in Israel - they know that Weinmann was spying for Israel. Report: US sailor spied for Israel / David Keyes, THE JERUSALEM POST / Aug. 9, 2006 A US Navy sailor, Ariel J. Weinmann, is suspected of spying for Israel and has been held in prison for four months, according to an article published Monday in the Saudi daily Al-Watan. It reported that Weinmann is being held at a military base in Virginia on suspicion of espionage and desertion. According to the navy, Weinmann was apprehended on March 26 "after it was learned that he had been listed as a deserter by his command." Though initial information released by the navy makes no mention of it, Al-Watan reported that he was returning from an undisclosed "foreign country." American sources close to the Defense Department told Al-Watan that Israel was the country in question.