Wednesday, March 07, 2007

video: Mary Starrett 9/11+ TRUTH remarks raise storm

AUDIO ONLY WILLAMETTE WEEK article by Julie Sabatier comment on Willy Week piece by pdx911truth member Bill Coones

Mary Starretts presentatation at the PDX 9-11 Truth meetup was a welcome one and it goes to show that there are many different types of people realizing that there are many legiitimate questions regarding the 9-11 event. Just watch as the 9-11 group changes its meetup location from the present Laughing Horse Books to a more neutral place to meet. This reflects the makeup of the group and not tolerating intolerence from anyone including the left.

The day when all the people redilly accept our Governments explaination about what it is doing and why has passed, and rightly so. With an unpopular war happening now and a divided country and opposed points of view airing in public, this is just another example of free speech and right of assembly guaranteed by our constitution. In these times of take away legislation of our privacy and civil rights by our own government more and more people are thinking like Mrs Starrett, not of either party and going back to our roots in Democracy that were laid out by the founders. Controlled and biased mass media and newspapers now have competition from alternative news sources on the internet and local groups. Now watch the powers that be try and take that away too. Either you believe in free speech for everyone or you do not believe in free speech.

Mary Starretts presentation can be seen on 'Google Video' on the internet. Enter "PDX 9-11 Truth" and our local groups presentations will show up on the search engine. Decide for yourself and listen to the uncensored words, isnt that what gathering information and making decisions is all about in a Free and Democratic society? Or is ours a "Free and Democratic" society still? More and more people are out of lockstep with the official Government and media dictums and having their say. Bill Coones (local 9-11 videographer)