Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Details Feb 11th screenings, Dante's film series

VIDEO SCREENING and PUBLIC CONVERSATION at 'It's a Beautiful Pizza' at 3342 SE Belmont phone 233-5444 - SUNDAY February 11th from 1:30-4:30pm

- free admission

- free handout of 9/11 and context related video documentary dvds, cd-roms and audio cds for those attending

- voluntary donation strictly optional

- SUMPTUOUS PIZZA variety of draft brew, cider, juice and tea

- your OPTIONAL chance to share your views on camera for webstream/youtube/googlevideo

- NEWS about exciting New World Order dissing film series Monday evenings at Dante's Inferno on Burnside hosted by national radio talk show host and commentator, Clyde Lewis of GroundZero Lounge ...

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... Dante's Inferno Monday night film series warming up for Clyde Lewis's national webcast of GroundZero Lounge