Tuesday, January 16, 2007

'GET THIS' morning news

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0116 am 'Get This' news
author: sui generis
Summary of the KBOO am news for Tuesday, January 16th, 2007.
01/16/07 Get This
sui generis

1. Landowners in Hood River County are asking the government to allow development on nearly 11 thousand rural acres. The battle goes to the Oregon Legislature this week where members will flaccidly debate ways to rein in the depredation of developers. Given the vast stupidity and greed of the average voter, there's not much that can be done to save rural land from asphyxiation... .
2. There Goes The Neighborhood: The Sandy City Council is also confronting a similar Golem in the form of Great American Development (The name itself is all you need to know ... .). Great American is contesting conditions imposed on its 139-lot subdivision.
3. And another familiar Measure 37 scourge: Water Pressure. In Eola Hills, farmers are wishing their wells were not drying up and also questioning the degradation of family farms Measure 37 is strewing in its evil wake.
4. Marion County Planning Commissioners are embroiled in the fight as well. Some arsebite developer filed a Measure 37 claim and demanded that the commissioners approve a subdivision on 217 acres of prime farmland. And again, groundwater is one of the obstacles - that plus the rule of law and cold hard cash. There just isn't enough drinking water for an army of suburban boneheads to water their limitless green lawns and wash their fat, ignorant children...
5. Oregon seed growers are started an early, surprise attack against attempts to ban field burning. (Don't worry, seed growers, in the coming years, global warming is going to take care of the problem for you... )
6. Four senators have initiated a unified assault on the EPA - which as even a child knows has resisted protecting the environment with every fiber of its deeply corrupted being. All four senators from Washington and Oregon want the derelict agency to regulate the cancer-causing chemical benzene. (Yes but if people stopped getting cancer then the health insurance companies and Big Pharma would be in trouble. Cancer may not be good for you, but it is great for business... .)
7. Washington is on track to become the first state in the nation to ban a fire retardants and they just might make it ... .were it not for 'pushback' from the industry.
8. Even after being 'outed' by the Los Angeles Times, Bill Gates won't change its nefarious investment strategy that lurks beneath the stunning PR job his lackeys have done on the old ones and zeros.
9. Jury selection has begun in the Scooter Libby trial. Good luck finding twelve people in Washington DC who don't know who dick Cheney is (Now, where he is - that's another question... )
10. Just as our legislators have signed off on a bill that would allow oil "exploration" in Alaska, Venezuela has sent the first of a number of donated Citco shipments to Alaska's poor. (Which makes oil "exploration" ever so much simpler... .all the intrepid oil "explorers" have to do is go down to the shipyard with binoculars and scan the horizon... )
11. A Border Patrol agent accused of aiding an immigrant smuggling ring got arraigned to day in San Diego. (Ahhh, San Diego, where a fence construction company got nicked for using undocumented laborers to build... you guessed it!)
12. State of the Dick Speech: Bush is... ah..workin'... um..got some expert fellas. .they doin' a good job... on... heh heh..my... um... my talk, my uh... what I'm s'posed to say..to the ah... to people in this state... this, um...
13. Last year's civilian death count is said to be around 35 thousand people - and that's just the instances in which the body was recovered...
14. Krazy Ken Ham's Kreation Museum/theme park is well on its Wrong Way to being the world's greatest monument to lies and fairytales... .not counting Disneyland.
15. Condoleeza Rice arrived in Saudi Arabia after a challenging "three-way" (Use your imagination. That's what it's there for!) meeting with Abbas and Olmert. Rice is hot to convince Arab - and not-so-Arab - nations that Bush's "surge" is a good idea.
16. The US says it is going to "go after" networks of Iranian and Syrian agents in Iraq. (As long as they "go after" them inside the borders of Iraq... )
17. The lynching of Barzan al-Tikriti and Hamed al-Bandar have further enraged Iraqis - as well as the rest of the Arab world. People apparently find it hard to believe that a noose could sever the spine, the muscles and other tissues that normally prevent heads from just randomly departing their host bodies.
18. Robert Gates is having a little look-see at Afghanistan. (Perhaps he ought to take a look at Pakistan, after all, that's where bin Laden is... .waiting on ice for the 2008 election)
19. In Britain, MI6 has challenged the government's claim that a major corruption inquiry into Saudi Arabian arms deals poses a threat to national security.
20. Leaders at this week's East Asian Summit in Cebu, in the Philippines, are putting together their own free trade zone.
21. The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend: Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is still wooing Latin American leaders. He got together with Nicaragua's newly elected Daniel Ortega this week.
22. Ecuador has sworn in its newly-elected president, Rafael Correa, who has promised a "citizens revolution." (Sounds like a good idea... )
23. Former ANC parliamentary whip Tony Yengeni has been released from prison after serving five months of a four-year fraud conviction.
24. Somalia has shut down all major broadcast outlets.
25. With Doha DOA, South Korea and the US started talks yesterday aimed at striking a bilateral free trade deal. such a deal amounts a death sentence for South Korean farmers and small businessmen. Once Uncle Sam gets his foot in the door, there's no turning back for Maquilladoradom.
26. Castro is very sick.
27. The minute hand on Doomsday Clock moves closer to midnight tomorrow. (Largely thanks to the American people who apparently lack the political will and moral resolve to stop the coming Armageddon... .