Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Move Over Rush Limbaugh Kevin Barrett A Conservative Talk Show Host? Kevin Barrett, that “radcal libral” inundated with angry emails from illiterate conservatives, has made an odd career choice. He is trying his luck as a conservative talk show host. Barrett has already been hired by two conservative Christian radio networks, Genesis Communications Network and Republic Broadcasting Network. In his first show on RBN, Barrett slammed author and cybercolumnist John Kaminski for his anti-Semitic statements, while his second featured an interview with Dr. Eric Larsen, author of A Nation Gone Blind. His third show included a stunning interview with 9/11 hero and truth-teller William Rodriguez (see below). Barrett’s inaugural shows on GCN’s “The Dynamic Duo with Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett” will offer interviews with Brother Raymond of Beit Shalom Ministries (11/20/06) who will soon begin a walk for peace and 9/11 truth from Denver to Washington, D.C.; and Les Jamieson of NY911truth.org (11/24/06). What is Barrett, a “radcal libral Muslim truth jihadi” doing with a show called Truth Jihad Radio on a conservative Christian radio network? And why is he using the music of John Lennon, that liberal icon who sang “imagine no religion” as the show’s theme music? “Being a conservative means wanting to conserve the highest ideals of our forebears, wanting to conserve what’s good from the past,” Barrett explained. “Real conservatives want to conserve authentic religious traditions. They want to conserve our liberties, and the notion of limited government, as set forth in the US Constitution. They want to conserve our beautiful planet from the ‘creative destruction’ of ever-escalating warfare, cancerous pseudo-growth, and IMF globalist tyranny. The so-called neoconservatives, who preach the Orwellian doctrines of Leo Straus—big government through big lies and endless war—are not conservatives at all, but radical Trotskyites who have adopted ‘conservatism’ to disguise their evil, un-American philosophy and their tyrannical, genocidal actions. We need to annihilate the neocons by any means necessary—and since most ‘liberals’ are brainwashed wimps who think big government is their friend, it is real conservatives are going to lead the charge.” But John Lennon? “Malcolm X is my main American hero,” Barrett explained, “but Lennon isn’t far behind. Sure, he didn’t like or even understand religion. But he was a brave, creative truth-teller who stood up against the genocidal Vietnam war, and he was persecuted and killed for telling the truth. His anthem ‘Give Me Some Truth’ should not only be the theme song of the 9/11 truth movement, it should be America’s national anthem. And, God willing, it will be, after the 9/11 truth revolution.” With ideas like these, Barrett may not become the next Rush Limbaugh. But he could become one of the most interesting, iconoclastic voices in American talk radio. * * * Truth Jihad Radio’s debut William Rodriguez Interview 11/18/06 Barrett’s new RBN show Truth Jihad Radio features an interview with 9/11 hero William Rodriguez (the show is archived athttp://www.rbnlive.com/archiveindex.html). Rodriguez, the WTC janitor who singlehandledly rescued fifteen people, including those injured by the massive bomb that exploded in the North Tower sub-basement before the plane hit, and who indirectly saved hundreds more by opening exit doors to the stairwell with the only available key, is THE greatest 9/11 hero in the world media as well as America’s Hispanic and cyber media. But after braving implied death threats and persisting in telling the truth about the bombs that brought down the WTC—including the many explosions he personally witnessed, which began before the plane hit—Rodriguez has been abandoned by the US government and blacked out of the corporate monopoly media. (The contention by Rodriguez and dozens of other witnesses that the bombs began exploding before the plane hit has been confirmed by seismographic evidence: See “Seismic Proof: 9/11 Was an Inside Job” at the Scholars for 9/11 Truth website.) William Rodriguez’s story is not just compelling, it us utterly amazing. Had he not shown up for work late on 9/11, he and the hundreds of people he saved would be dead, because he would have been at the top of the North Tower, instead of in the basement, when the attack began. That such a handsome, articulate, courageous janitor happened to be in the right place at the right time, with the only available master key that allowed hundreds to escape certain death, is either a stunning coincidence or proof of God’s existence. Since 9/11, William Rodriguez has become the most prominent full-time advocate for the victims of 9/11—not just those who lost their lives on 9/11, but the tens of thousands who have been sickened or killed by the toxic WTC dust that the government told us was perfectly safe to breathe. Please support his ongoing heroism and check out his excellent video, available from his website, http://www.911keymaster.com