Monday, June 25, 2007

yahoogroup and NEW WEBSITE related to this blog

As at the date of this posting, Monday June 25th 2007 is no longer being updated (uhhh, well, web gnome doesn't intendto as of date of this posting . . .)  although pdx911truth might start using it again if pdx911truth web gnome is not able to get the "posting and reply" features of new website going pretty damn soon ________________________________________________________________________ Meanwhile, to interact with group served by this blogspot you can leave comments via this posting here or others bearing dateline of Jun 25th 2007 or later (uhhh, well, web gnome doesn't expect to post here after that date but . . .) ________________________________________________________________________ The NEW . . .  and kinda beta-ish . . . WEBSITE does already reflect info on recent, current and future ativities INCLUDING AUDIO AND VIDEO of Robert Bowman in Portland  June 21st and audio and video some recent and ongoing speakers and activities . . . hey check it out . . . but remember that "posting and reply" there doesn't work yet ________________________________________________________________________ pdx911truth web gnome ( can be reached by phone at 503 287 3473, messages returned with in 24 hours almost always ________________________________________________________________________ Longstanding PDX 9/11 TRUTH ALLIANCE yahoogroup,  that at least web gnome wants to phase out as soon members are comfortable with new website . . . subject to wails of disapproval by group members at Wednesday evening gatherings at LAUGHING HORSE Books and Video per blogsite heading above . . . is still available for use by new and long-standing members ________________________________________________________________________ Profound apologies to people new to pdx911truth alliance for understandible confusion; web gnome takes responsibility for 'sliding schedule' ________________________________________________________________________ signed ________________________________________________________________________ ~gLENo~ __________________________________________ aka pdx911truth web gnome for now at least __________________________________________ aka Glen Owen 503 287 3473