Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New World Order * Improbable Collapse Wed Nov 15, 2006 Flyby News Notes, Editor: Jonathan Mark World Order by Stone Bryson There is a group of people… across this planet wide, with greedy little fingers - and power on their mind, they do not care ‘bout sovereignty - the one-world is their goal, Liberty is their enemy… and their deity is Control. They march across the history books - possess an ageless plan, leading us toward dependency - to a woman and a man, their map to domination is as old as time itself, mixing ancient mysteries with technology off the shelf, Keeping us in darkness - their faces unrevealed, the shadows are their foxholes and secrecy is their shield, they manipulate behind the scenes - relentless without fear, a crescendo of disparity that builds from year to year. They provide us our distractions - engulf us day to day, preparing to enslave us, they slowly wear away a catalogue of liberties - and while freedoms wane and cease, they tell us that they’re doing it for security and for peace, They prey upon our apathy - in a plot you can’t untwist, policing how you think and feel… they tighten an iron fist, they terrorize the spirit of hope with fear and guilt and shame ‘til there’s nothing left of who you were but a ghost, a shell, a name. They rule from modern castles - elitist to the core, they think of you as mindless stock to serve them evermore, they’ll take away your firearms so you cannot self-defend, and tag you with an ID chip… to keep you in your pen. There is a group of people… across this planet wide, who are waiting for their moment - and time is on their side, the New World Order is the dream - and dominion is the gain, but they cannot reach this final goal… ‘til Liberty has been slain. 1) The Cheney-Gates Cabal - - Don’t Look for Much From the “Bipartisan” Iraq Study Group - - Ten Reasons Congress Must Investigate Bush Administration Crimes 2) "Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of our Republic" - - Sample letter-to-editor after Library-DVD-
donation 3) Climate Change Is as Serious as WMD: Annan - - White House Sued for Not Doing Report on Warming Editor's Notes: This issue begins with an article by Ray McGovern, “The Cheney-Gates Cabal” as a dose of reality with a Congress known for Iran-Contra-gate. While progressives continue to press for impeachment, scientists and patriotic citizens are looking at Ground Zero where hard evidence show explosives were used to bring down WTC buildings. Item 2 includes information on the film, "Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of our Republic." Following that is information on grassroots activism that includes getting such films to our libraries, community access TV stations, and then writing letters to editors of our local newspapers. Item 3 covers concern regarding Global Warming. "The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance" Thomas Jefferson ******************************************************************** For issue with articles and links, see: November 15, 2006 - New World Order * Improbable Collapse <,10857,> *******************************************************************