Saturday, April 01, 2006

AUDIO of '9/11: MYTH and REALITY' by David Ray Griffin, Oakland California Thursday March 30th 2006

Nov 20th 1-4:30pm Central Library, downtown Portland

VIDEO of David Ray Griffin interview live on Portland Community Media (Comcast cable TV) by Alex Ansary "Outside The Box" July 2005

AUDIO of Morgan Reynolds keynote speaker at PDX 9/11 Truth Alliance lecture series at main library Portland Oregon Saturday September 10th 2005

Nov 20th 1-4:30pm Central Library, downtown Portland

AUDIO of JFK TO 9/11 : 42 years of State Sponsored Terrorism conference at main library Portland Oregon Sunday November 20th 2005

Related high quality local broadcast material includes

  • Per Fagering's Talk Radio call-in program from Wednesday March 29th 2006 on James Ridgeway's Five Unanswered Questions about 9/11
  • Andrew Geller's acclaimed radio series People Rise Up
  • Mel Reslor's series onCollapse of the New York World Trade Center based on David Ray Griffin lectures in NYC 0ctober 2005
  • and Chris Andreae's interview with Eric Hufschmidt Friday December 22nd 2005

9/11 ... unanswered questions ... connect the dots

Other local broadcasts of interest
  • pdx kboo unofficial archive project (Portland Independent Community Radio at 26 000 watts serving Portland / NW Oregon and Vancouver / SW Washington state at 90.7fm, with repeaters for Corvallis Oregon and Hood River / Columbia Gorge)
  • and Alex Ansary's 'Outside The Box' (Comcast Cable TV / Portland Community Media)